Sizing Tips and Tricks

We want you to be completely satisfied with the overall look and fit of your beautiful new clothes and accessories. The most common problem with general sizing is that its not completely standardized, we've implemented some tips and tricks here to help you get closer to achieving the perfect fit, every time. 

Tip #1 Know Your Measurements

All bodies are different with all different proportions. Having a general idea of your bust, waist, hip and inseam measurements to stack up against product info is going to give you a much better idea of what size you should be ordering to achieve the best possible fit. 

Tip #2

We'd be remiss if we told you to know your measurements but didn't explain how to measure yourself properly. 

  • Bust (Ideally wearing a bra since most patterns simulate a body wearing a bra. Measure the fullest part of your chest by lifting your arms and snuggly wrapping a measuring tape around the back to the front, it shouldn't be tight)
  • Waist (Locate your natural waistline, usually the smallest part of your torso right above the navel. Stand up straight and keep the measuring tape snug but not tight around your waist)
  • Hips (Like your bust, you're going to measure around the fullest part of your hips including the buttocks. Use a measuring tape and make sure to keep it straight. If you have a mirror, use it as a guide)
  • Inseam (Do this with a well fitting pair of pants. Measure the length between just below your crotch to the bottom of your ankle)


Tip #3 Size Up

Almost always and any time you may be in doubt about fit based on the info you have, size up. Unless a product is meant to have an oversized fit, in which case you can either order your typical size or even size down based on the fit instructions, always size up.

Tip #4 If You Don't Already Have One, Get a Seamstress

A little more on tip #3, you're here reading this, so the finished look you desire must be well put together, whether you're a professional or you want a trendy or casual cool look. It is almost always better to buy clothing that has a little extra room, that can be taken in, the finished product will be a piece of clothing you LOVE, that looks and feels luxurious. If an item of clothing is too tight or ill fitting, it will never look chic or polished.

Tip #5 Buy Something Because You Love It!

And if the size on the tag is bothersome, remove it! From one woman to another, I can range anywhere from a 14 all the way up to a 20 in some brands... it's a mind game that leaves the best of us feeling more frustrated than flattered in the middle of changeroom hell. Be beautiful, no matter what the number on the tag says.